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Mission & Vision

Together + Through is an organization of capacity builders, facilitators, healers, & therapists. We support values-aligned health & healing practices by providing culturally integrative & responsive coaching, consulting, and psychotherapy services.

We work with people & communities historically and currently experiencing marginalization, as well as mission-driven organizations, to cultivate new ways of living & thriving in today's world. We do so by developing each person's emotional capacity, relational skills, and leadership potential. We believe that in reimagining individual & organizational wellness practices, we can build and maintain the balance within ourselves and with all of Earth's relatives, leading to a future of sustainable change & interdependence.



We are devoted to learning & knowing that encourages compassionate self-understanding and understanding of others.

Alignment & Balance

We are committed to reconnecting & reorienting to ourselves and to the world around us, by 1) honoring what we need to thrive &

2) cultivating practices that sustain the balance within ourselves, as well as within & between our communities.


We practice intentional & informed decision-making & action that foster ongoing collaboration & interdependence.

Relationship Building & Reciprocity

We are committed to the courageous & evolving practice of being in relationship with one another, through resource sharing & centering repair efforts that humanize us.

Our Team

Daviree Velázquez Phillip, M.Ed.


Capacity Builder | Change Facilitator | Community Cultivator

Services Provided:

Coaching | Consulting


Daniel K. Phillip, Psy.D. 

He/Him/His & They/Them/Theirs

Founder | Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Not accepting psychotherapy clients until June 2024

Services Provided:

Coaching | Consulting | Gender Affirming Assessment & Support | Individual Psychotherapy | Relationship/Couple Psychotherapy

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