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I'm Dav

Who I am

I am an apprentice of the land, mother, intuitive leader, & community builder; all seeds planted by my Boricua, Mujer, and Queer ancestors. These seedlings, along with my career experiences as a Dialogue Facilitator, Educator, Executive Director, Mentor and Supervisor in the field of higher education, have prepared me to serve as a guide to those seeking human-centered individual & systemic change.

My Coaching Philosophy

Workplace structures around leadership were not designed with many of today’s leaders in mind. I’ve been the woman of color in executive leadership who excelled at fixing things, provided vision to others, asked the necessary questions, and still felt the effects of being misaligned due to my environment. These lessons provided me with invaluable skills that help define my role as a Coach. As a Coach, I work with you to strengthen your leadership efficacy & capacity, by helping you gain insight into your values, exploring ways to ground you in your values & sense of purpose, and by strengthening your commitment to your goals and intentions. My strengths as a Coach are curiosity, inquiry, relatability, and strategy. I am not fixing you, nor am I telling you what to do. My role is to build your ability to lead, direct, and honor your intuition & values.

My Consulting Philosophy

Like ecosystems in the natural world, organizations are diverse, have the ability to adapt, repair, and evolve. My time with a client begins by conducting an ecological analysis to observe how your organization is being tended to and how it is operating. Through this, we determine what aspects of your organization’s functioning could benefit from expansion or redesign. I will support you through capacity building activities such as conflict navigation, strategic planning and retreat facilitation. In my experience as an executive leader, these practices foster a more sustainable and healthy work environment. We will continue to collaborate using mission-focused goal setting and ongoing assessment on our progress.

My Background


M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration: Loyola University Chicago 

B.A. in Psychology: DePaul University 


Professional Experience 

Emergent Leader: Community Builder, Fiscal and Structural Resource Management, Fundraising, Policy Design, Strategic Planning, Supervision

Educator: Curriculum Design, Learning Assessments, Training & Workshop Facilitator 

Mentor: Building the internal capacity of those who are not resourced by societal design  

Dialogue Facilitator: Affinity Spaces, Conflict Navigation & Repair, Inter & Intragroup Dialogue Facilitation

Services I Provide

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