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Relationship/Couple Psychotherapy

We are social beings who desire closeness & connection. When our connections endure disruptions, we sometimes doubt the health, longevity, and purpose of our relationships. This can even impact how we feel about ourselves & how we interact with the world around us. In fact, you are likely here because you’re in the midst of experiencing that impact and could use additional support.

Through relational/couple work, we explore what’s happening in your current connection(s) and learn relationship building skills such as assertive & clear communication and boundary setting. We also encourage folx to dig deeper by exploring their histories with various relationship types & structures, and by examining how these experiences may influence how they show up in their current relationship(s). This type of self-understanding is a foundational tool to growing deeply rooted support systems and mutually satisfying relationships.

Click here to read commonly asked questions & answers about the psychotherapy process.

Insurance + Payment

We accept:

BCBS PPO/Blue Choice PPO




20-minute Video Consultation: Free

Relationship/Couple Session: $230

Initial Clinical Assessment: $250

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