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Individual Psychotherapy

You are here because something within you is evolving. You are seeking support that is encouraging yet challenging enough to facilitate that intended change. You may be ready to explore the expansiveness of your gender, learn new ways to engage with your anxious thoughts, establish healthy boundaries within yourself & with your partner(s), or you may need a space to give new meaning and perspective to painful experiences you have survived. Regardless of your reasons for seeking care, we are here to offer that nudge to embark on a journey that reconnects you with the knowledge you’ve obtained by being alive.

We focus on developing insight into your patterns & ways of being, and on releasing & adapting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that do not support the commitments you have made to yourself. We do this healing work while incorporating who you are and the identities that shape you. In our co-created space, healing & change are contextual, ongoing, and transformative.

Couple/Relationship Psychotherapy

We are social beings who desire closeness & connection. When our connections endure disruptions, we sometimes doubt the health, longevity, and purpose of our relationships. This can even impact how we feel about ourselves & how we interact with the world around us. In fact, you are likely here because you’re in the midst of experiencing that impact and could use additional support.

Through couple/relational work, we explore what’s happening in your current connection(s) and learn relationship building skills such as assertive & clear communication and boundary setting. We also encourage folx to dig deeper by exploring their histories with various relationship types & structures, and discovering how these experiences may influence how they show up in their current relationship(s). This type of self-understanding is a foundational tool to growing deeply rooted support systems and mutually satisfying relationships.

We accept:

BCBS/Blue Choice PPO

Lyra EAP

20-minute Video Consultation: Free

45-minute Individual Session: $185

60-minute Individual Session: $200

Relationship/Couple Session: $225


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