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Gender Affirming Assessment & Support

No matter the system, accessing gender affirming care & support can be unnecessarily complex; we aim to address that. In our work, we partner with clients seeking medically & socially affirming support by completing hormone and surgical assessments, providing letters of support for surgery (i.e., face, chest/breast, genital), as well as providing letters for safe passage & travel, and legal name/gender marker changes.

Our assessment philosophy is based on our beliefs that:

1) When adequately supported, clients can make fully informed decisions about the care & resources to which they desire access 

2) The therapist’s role is to ask questions to facilitate one’s discernment process,

to document what is needed for insurance purposes,

and/or to meet the medical provider’s requirements.

Those seeking an assessment & letters of support do not need to be ongoing therapy clients and can use their in-network and out-of-network health insurance benefits for care.

Insurance + Payment

We accept:

BCBS PPO/Blue Choice PPO




20-minute Video Consultation: Free

Mental health assessment & education for WPATH letter

(1-2 sessions): $250/hr

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