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You’re here again. You realize & acknowledge that there's misalignment between what you said you wanted to do and what you are doing. There’s a growing tension that quietly becomes self-doubt & influences your decisions, leaving you feeling ungrounded and questioning your purpose & skill set. In our experience, this is the very moment that leads many to reconnecting & realigning to their values.

Values-aligned living & leadership requires courage, curiosity, commitment, and ongoing support. This approach asks you to be honest & transparent about how things are functioning, what needs adjusting, and to clarify your responsibility in creating change. We believe that living & leading consistent with your intuition & values pushes a person’s understanding of what skills one has and those yet to be developed. This then minimizes the possible negative effects of functioning beyond capacity (e.g., burnout, team departure, lack of sustainable growth). As change facilitators, we have the tools & resources to offer those who are ready and committed to do good yet sometimes difficult work, all while centering our humanity.

20-minute Video Consultation: Free

60-minute 1:1 Session: $350

60-minute Group Session: $450

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