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You have done good & necessary work to be who you are and where you are. As you grow, you become curious about further examining how you are functioning, areas of your life and/or work that need adjusting, and clarifying your responsibility & role in creating balance & change. In our work, we will learn how living & leading in alignment with grounded intuition & examined values is possible.  With supportive practice, you can develop the skills to minimize the negative effects of functioning beyond your boundaries & capacity, often expressed as chronic burnout, self-sabotage, and in a work context, team conflict & attrition. As change facilitators & capacity builders, we use our tools, resources, & experiences to support those seeking opportunities to practice courage & curiosity while committing to their personal & professional transformational work.

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20-minute Video Consultation: Free

60-minute 1:1 Session: $350

60-minute Group Session: $450

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