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When you are responsible for providing structure and direction, being in leadership can be demanding & isolating. It creates an indescribable emotional labor that can change how you vision & lead. That’s where we come in, as your extra set of feelers, senses & thinkers, when the details about what comes next become increasingly harder to define.

Observation is the basis of effective consulting. We practice this by first joining your ecosystem to learn about how it operates before offering how (or why) we believe it could benefit from change. Reorienting you to your intentions & goals helps us determine what types of capacity building activities are vital to the growth & sustainability of your organizational needs. The duration of our partnership is determined by the type & complexity of the work involved.

20-minute Video Consultation: Free

60-minute 1:1 Session: $350

60-minute Group Session: $450

Pricing for retreats, workshops, and facilitations are determined by group size, scope, and location of service

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